I am telling you now because I want you to stop telling girls and women with disabilities that we’re broken, that we need prayers, that we’re burdens, that it’s okay if someone hurts us because “they’re probably just stressed” from having to “deal” with us, or that we’re pretty “for a girl in a wheelchair.”

Stop Telling Me That I’m Pretty for a Girl in a Wheelchair: How Your Words Contribute to Violence Against Women with Disabilities

very powerful. please read the entire essay. tw for abuse and assault against women with disabilities. 

(via disabilityhistory)

The Mountain Goats - Wild Sage

and some days I don’t miss my family
and some days I do
some days I think I’d feel better if I tried harder
most days I know it’s not true

i haven’t really been on tumblr for a while bc israel but look at my new face hole!!!

i don’t consider myself a very religious person, but every time i go to the kotel (aka, the western wall which is the most holy site for jews), i get really emotional about the notes that people leave in the wall. it’s customary to leave a note or a prayer at the wall (i left my esther bracelet at the wall during taglit), and just seeing the hundreds of notes that people have wedged into this 3,000 year old wall is an incredible and spiritual experience for me. despite the conflict, despite the recent kidnapping, and despite the religious vs secular war in israel, i truly believe in humanity and the state of israel.

casual morning at the negev 🐫 (at Ramon Crater - Mizpe Ramon)

reunited. (shout out to @allonsyarielle for bringing an esther bracelet all the way to israel for me) (at פארק טדי - Teddy Park)

at Western Wall

thank you israeli youtube